Study Case: Sanofi


  • Build and coach high performing features teams
  • Upskill the agile operating model (TOM)
  • Improve product-ownership and engage teams


CHC is in the process of a carve-out.

At the head of the marketing websites squad, Alexandre would like to upskill his squad to be more pro-active and help brands leaders to perform their digital movement


  • Operational assessments
  • Launch continuous improvement / lean processes
  • Establish two operational rhythms
    • quaterly (increment)
    • bi-monthly (sprint)
  • Launch OKR cycle to get an impact !
  • Upskill POs to improve their operating model

- Key Results -

Test and learn environnement

Goal oriented squads

POs empowered

The organisation can execute a change in strategy quickly

- Testimonials -

A vision for our next quarter !

We ended-up our increment-planning (another word for PI Planning proposed by the Scaled-Agile Framework - SAFe) with a vision for the increment (another word for the next 10 weeks or quarter)
Sarah H. - PO
Sept. 2023

Better insights

I feel like I have a better insight on what is in store for the next Increment then I did with the last
Nath P. - Lead dev
Sept. 2023

Well defined objectives and clear trajectory

> Well-defined objectives and clear trajectory at the end of the week. > Motivating vision and goal-setting. > Strong communication and alignment PO/CMS squad. > Effective progress through dedicated PO sessions.
Célia B. - PO
Sept. 2023


Efficiency improved compared to the last increment, with better understanding of goals and the thought process required. Good communication between the CMS team and Global.
Clément M. - PO
Sept. 2023

That's great !

At the end of our increment planning, we had a clear vision of the expected actions from each team, that's great!
Ahlem S. - PO
Sept. 2023

Global vision

Have a global vision on our scope / better insights Leads us to more engagement Opportunity to voice opinions on work management / workload etc
Mamoune R. - PO
Sept. 2023

Tu me fais gagner du temps

Merci, car tu me fais gagner du temps. Je peux désormais communiquer clairement où est-ce qu'on en est et vers où on va. Notre travail à deux est productif !
Alexandre Q.


Photo de Samuel Berthelot